Getting some traction…hopeful universalism.

While historical evangelicalism could be summed up as believing in the sole authority of Scripture and justification by faith, the more recent trend in evangelicalism is to be understood in more broad-brush terms. Broad-tent evangelicalism could also be called pop-chritianity – often transcending denominations – though remaining thoroughly Protestant. My own hope is that evangelicals and Catholics continue to grow closer together. Jamie Smith recently parsed the term “universalism,” suggesting there is an older and newer sense in which to understand it. Though, I think the OLD universalism he suggests is closer to what I might call pluralism. Either way, both clarify the growing difference in ‘senses’ of the term.

There are several books that should be read to broadly understand the place “universalism” and “pluralism” play in the world of evangelicalism. While most Christian groups have ‘staked their claim’ for or against universalism, they must reconsider in the context of the various ways the terms are now being used. I hope these books help…

~ by natedawson on 2011/04/27.

One Response to “Getting some traction…hopeful universalism.”

  1. I’m glad you mentioned Smith’s recent post, Nate. I’ve also found Mark Sayers’ two recent posts helpful to inquire as to the frame in which Bell’s book has come to be:
    * A Cultural Reading of Love Wins: Part One: A Pseudo Book
    * Love Wins A Cultural Reading. Part Two: Choose Your Own Adventure

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