January 2, 2010

Since completing a Postgraduate Diploma from the University of Wales in Scripture and Theology for Practice, I’ve begun writing up a dissertation proposal for a Master of Theology degree in area of New Testament theology, emphasizing the importance of theological-criticism IN and FOR the life of the church. In that NT theology has been dominated by the field of historical-criticism for well over 200 years, my dissertation will advance the notion that New Testament theology in a postmodern setting should be predominantly theological. The reason for NT theology needing to be primarily theological in our own time is that it is possible for postmodern thinkers to be aware of not only their own presuppositions but also of those who have gone before us e.g. pre-modern and modern persons. This is not to say that theology in a post-modernity won’t have its own mishaps but that in pointing out the prior era’s issues we should seek to consider our own presuppositions before doing the important work of theology for the church.

Reading that prompted this post: Making Sense of New Testament Theology by A.K.M Adam. The next reading and post will be on an article by Stephen E. Fowl in Conflicting Allegiances: The Church-Based University in a Liberal Democratic Society titled The Role of Scripture in an Ecclesially Based University.


~ by natedawson on 2010/01/02.

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