Primary Interests and Reading Log

Book List is a page dedicated to the books I have read from cover to cover. In 2003 one of my primary interests became “the worshiping community.” That is to say, due to the obtuse nature of my worshiping experience growing up – the need for fresh expressions of worship began to dominate my life. Ultimately, for the need to experience and know God like I never had. As the list continues to grow – the emphasis on a desire to know God never rests – but one can see the theological focus has become more prevalent. “May this list inform your own journey toward discovering the god of all things.”

Reading Log emphasizes the more theological nature of my research. Broadly, it covers three areas of interests. Theology and Doctrine, New Testament studies, and the theological interpretation of Scripture. Inaugurated by a master’s dissertation on the “methods for theology of N.T. Wright,” intended primarily for a sort of “ground clearing,” my PhD will then focus upon the work of various theologians who are rediscovering the need for a theological interpretation of Scripture – over and against the (over 200 year) tradition emphasizing the historical-critical method for interpretation and the study of New Testament theology.

Theological Interpretation answers some important questions for understanding Scripture theologically as well as pointing you to resources for taking it deeper and further.

More to come…




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