(Re)Focusing New Testament Theology



I’ve completed a Postgraduate Diploma (University of Wales, Lampeter) under the direction of Tom Holland (Dip Theol, University of Cambridge; BD, University of London; PhD University of Wales) and the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Wales, Lampeter.

I’ve proposed a research topic for my  Master of Theology dissertation in the area of New Testament theology. The Master’s dissertation of 20,000 words is preparatory for a PhD project focused on the intersection of Scripture and Theology.

I’m discovering that the writing of history is always contextual and interpreted, whether by the reader or the writer. The question begging begins in that the historian, by using his or her (or some one else’s) methodological approaches produces yet another tick on the list of the cacophony of postmodern biblical interpretations.

More to come…

Scriptural Interpretation and Hermeneutics
Renewing Biblical Interpretation
The Art of Reading Scripture
Seeking the Identity of Jesus

New Perspectives on Paul. Tom Wright
Redemption from the New Perspective
What Saint Paul Really Said
Paul: In Fresh Perspective
New Testament Theology

Jesus and the Restoration of Israel
Jesus and the Victory of God
The Challenge of Jesus
Who was Jesus?

The Resurrection of the Son of God


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