Doctor of Philosophy Reading Initiative

This list will surely develop over time but here is some of the initial texts I’ll be dealing with. (* = already read)

Scripture and Hermeneutics Series (8 Volumes)
1 – Renewing Biblical Interpretation (2000)
2 – After Pentecost: Language and Biblical Interpretation (2001)
3 – A Royal Priesthood? Use of the Bible Ethically and Politically (2002)
4 – Behind the Text: History and Biblical Interpretation (2003)
5 – Out of Egypts: Biblical Theology and Biblical Interpretation (2004)
6 – Reading Luke: Interpretation, Reflection, and Formation (2005)
7 – Canon and Biblical Interpretation (2006)
8 – The Bible and the University (2007)

Scripture and Theology Resources
The Gospel of John and Christian Theology
The Epistle to the Hebrews and Christian Theology
Reading Texts, Seeking Wisdom: Scripture and Theology
Character and Scripture: Moral Formation, Community, and Biblical Interpretation
Scripture’s Doctrine and Theology’s Bible: How the New Testament Shapes Christian Dogmatics
Exploring the Origins of the Bible: Canon Formation in Historical, Literary, and Theological Perspective

Primary Sources
>Stephen E. Fowl
Philippians Two Horizons Commentary
*Reading in Communion (with L. Gregory Jones)
*Engaging Scripture: A model for Theological Interpretation
Theological Interpretation of Scripture (Cascade Companion)
The Theological Interpretation of Scripture (Editor: Steve Fowl)
*Reading Scripture with the Church (with Adam, Vanhoozer, Watson)

>N.T. Wright
*The Climax of the Covenant
*How Can The Bible Be Authoritative? Tom Wright (article)
Jesus and the Restoration of Israel (Carey Newman and various contributors)
*Christian Origins and the Question of God Series (3 Volumes)
*The New Testament and the People of God
*Jesus and the Victory of God
*The Resurrection of the Son of God

Other Reading
*Faith Thinking. Trevor Hart
The Aims of Jesus. Ben F. Meyer
*Contours of Pauline Theology. Tom Holland
Critical Realism and The New Testament. Ben Meyer
The Transforming Vision. Brian Walsh and Richard Middleton
*Between Two Horizons. Edited by Joel Green and Max Turner
*Introducing the Theological Interpretation of Scripture. Danial Treier
*The Art of Reading Scripture. Edited by Ellen Davis and Richard Hays
*Truth is stranger than it used to bey. Brian Walsh and Richard Middleton
Hearing the New Testament: Strategies for Interpretation. Edited by Joel Green
Faithful Interpretation: Reading the Bible in a Postmodern World. A. K. M. Adam
*Reading Scripture with the Church: Toward a Hermeneutic for Theological Interpretation. Adam, Fowl, Vanhoozer, Watson


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